Collaborative Simulation

Everyone can engage with games and simulation based learning. Amplify curiosity, unlock creativity and engage in authentic modeling and simulation practices.

Collaborative Simulation

Everyone can engage with games and simulation based learning. Amplify curiosity, unlock creativity and engage in authentic modeling and simulation practices.

Teachers can engage students in inquiry anywhere, anytime

Games, sims and analytics make it easy for teachers to
deeply engage students in hands-on learning.


Games and Sims for Physics & Engineering

Start engaging your students in hands-on learning with SimInsights games and sims.


No Setup Needed

SimInsights games and sims are HTML5 based and run on all devices. No installation of software or plugins needed. You'll have students engaged in minutes.


Real Time Data

Watch how your class is progressing in real time, so you can help students exactly when they need help, and make sure everyone is learning.


Interactive Engagement for Everyone

SimInsights makes it easy for everyone to interact and engage with concepts that are not easily explained with language. Whether it is physics or finance, our work helps people simplify the complex and build insights.

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Teachers Can Engage Students

Why Games and Sims?

Language is a powerful tool. But it has limitations for teaching and learning many subjects. Physics is one of them. Unfortunately.

Only 1 in 3 American high school students take physics.

Over 1 in 3 College Freshmen in the US fail intro physics.

Overall success rate with digital games is 62% compared with 50% for other instruction conditions without digital games.

Books and Language
SimInsights Customer
A considerable body of pedagogical research over the past decade has demonstrated that traditional physics instruction does not meet the needs of the great majority of students who take introductory physics courses. This research also shows that many of the active learning, or interactive engagement strategies that have been developed in recent years are considerably more effective than traditional approaches.
Professor Vince Colletta, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California
The American Physical Society, 2007

SimInsights Platform As Curiosity Amplifier

Simple UI that lets students follow their curiosity and be creative in their quest for learning.

Authentic practices

Your students will build models and run simulations just like engineers and scientists.

Unlocking creativity

Endless possibilities await students for modeling and simulating a vast variety of systems. This open-endedness is essential for challenging students to fully tap into their creativity.

Power of collaboration

Research shows that collaboration catalyses learning. That's why SimInsights Platform has supported collaboration from day one.

The students' experience was deep, rich and open-ended, resulting in a greater variety of responses from students relative to a traditional activity.
Mike Town
University Prep, Seattle, WA

Custom Content Services

Deep simulation expertise, passion for learning and flexible pricing options fit content development needs of all sizes.

Publishers - Bring your content to life

Responsive service

Over the last four years, SimInsights has developed customized content for university research labs, government organizations, philanthropic organizations, VC funded ed-tech companies as well as small non-profits. We have a track record of responsive service and customer success.

Quality content

We develop quality games and sims by leveraging two key strenghts. First, a decade of experience developing simulations for world's leading companies including Boeing, Toyota and Porsche. Second, experience working with leading researchers in education and assessment.


We realize that our work doesn't have immediate rewards. However, if we can help even a few students have an epiphany or two, that can radically change their trajectory. That is the mission that drives us to keep our costs as low as possible, so that our work can have the broadest impact possible.

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Custom Content Services
The responsive and professional team at SimInsights provided creative, customized content to help us teach thousands of young women about the science of cheerleading. Their ability to translate scientific concepts into interactive, age-appropriate online simulations, is very impressive and we are thrilled to collaborate with them!
Darlene Cavalier
Founder, Science Cheerleader, LLC
Senior Advisor, Discover Magazine
Professor of Practice, Arizona State University
Cutting Edge Research

Cutting Edge Learning Research

Original, innovative content

SimInsights team takes very high level requirements and transforms them to original, innovative content that meets stringent research objectives. Let us help you with the art, science, math, software engineering, analytics and user-experience design so you can focus on the research questions.

Simple access to data

As a researcher, you need data that is high quality and high volume. SimInsights makes it simple for you to reach a large audience, collect data and download your data anytime in the format of your choice.


Our team has members from diverse engineering and science backgrounds, as well as artists who take pride in their work, whether it is UI or illustrations or motion graphics. Most importantly, we love working on hard problems.