Association for Advancing Automation (A3)

Creating a metaverse for robotic skills

SimInsights collaborated with A3, North America’s largest automation trade association, to develop interactive animations, videos, and models for safety risk assessment in robotic operations. The projects include a typical Industrial Robotics work cell with safety issues, a Collaborative Robots work cell featuring zone sensors and force sensing scenarios, and an educational robot with added complexity requiring a risk assessment assignment. The hyperskill was utilized in these projects ensures students can engage in safety assessments, addressing violations in industrial safety codes, with the potential for future VR training integration.

Industrial Robot

A typical Industrial Robotics work cell (Conveyor, Robot, Cage, Palletizing) that has some safety issues (Gate open, Guarding missing, Pinch point, no Red kill Switch on Panel) that a student should be able recognize and identify are Industrial safety code violations. This does not have to have a VR component for training but we want the option for future use.

Cobot Robot with a Screwdriver

Collaborative Robots industrial work cell that has two zone sensors that may or may not be slowing the robot down when an operator gets near and the force sensing does not work to stop the robot quickly when the robot is moving into the operator like it should stop. That could be 3 different 1 minute scenarios and then one combined scenario for the HC 10 type of Cobot.

Cobot Robot (Level 1 & 2 Safety)

An educational robot that normally has a zip tie for a pointer to just touch points on a table to show X, Y and Z axis locations has now added a screwdriver. The student will have to complete a risk assessment assignment for that scenario.

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