Students need mentors with industry experience and simulation background. You might wonder why? In the last year and half the SimInsights team has been working hard to develop industry parallel simulation tools for students at middle and high schools, community colleges and undergraduate levels. Although there is overall enthusiasm for simulation based learning approach, there is also quite a bit of resistance due to many factors, one of the important ones being lack of awareness of the power of simulations among teachers, administrators and students. Mentors with extensive simulation experience can solve this problem by helping students as well as teachers to appreciate the power of simulations.

Become a mentor and share your expertise and enthusiasm with budding engineers and scientists. Make a contribution to exciting young people to pursue STEM degrees and careers. Here is how the mentoring program works:

SimNewton ignites students' imagination by letting them experience the power of mathematical modeling and simulation in a collaborative environment.

  • Mentors sign up on to have their profile listed.
  • When stuck on a modeling task, a student selects a mentor and asks a question.
  • Mentor receives email notification containing link to the student's model. Mentor reviews the model and leaves a response for the student.
  • Student receives an email notification.
You can make a difference by motivating a young person to pursue a STEM career trajectory. Contact us today to learn how our distinguished group of mentors.