• AR & VR Simulations

    SimInsights has been helping customers in education, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, defense and finance take advantage of simulation technologies since 2009. Our projects have included a vast array of simulation techniques including discrete event simulations, multidisciplinary simulations including mechanical, aerodynamic, electrical, manufacturing and financial systems, finite element analysis, multibody dynamics and computational fluid dynamics. We specialize in interactive simulations and games involving multiple players in 2D or 3D environments for purposes of training or assessment.

  • Apps

    More and more work is getting done using apps that run in browsers, smartphones, tablets and even smart watches. In future, apps will also run on wearable computers such as smart glasses and heart rate monitors. We believe that smart apps can help improve quality of life at home as well as school and office and that belief has motivated us to develop a range of apps, some of which have led entirely new categories of apps in education, care, research and finance industries.

  • Analytics

    Data is the new oil. This statement captures the enthusiasm for and promise of analytics and inspires us to help people make better decisions faster. Our three step process includes building database backed applications, applying data mining and machine learning techniques and designing effective visualizations. We have successfully solved problems in the areas of learning analytics, game based assessment, personalized learning, manufacturing and marketing analytics and look forward to new problems that challenge and motivate us.