Date Title
10/7/2019 SimInsights is helping organize a VR/AR workshop at USC
10/3/2019 SimInsights wins Phase II SBIR award from the National Science Foundation
9/23/2019 SimInsights announces private beta program
9/23/2019 SimInsights invited to present at the 2019 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo at Charleston Area Convention Center in North Charleston on October 29-30
8/2019 SimInsights successfully completes ARM Institute funded project titled “Revitalizing Apprenticeships for Small and Medium-Sized Industries” in partnership with Clemson University
8/13/2019 SimInsights’ pioneering work with Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) on Virtual Reality for Human Factors in Healthcare presented at ACE Conference in St. Johns, Canada on Aug 13-14 by Jonas Schultz
7/28/2019 SimInsights invited to present at ACM SIGGRAPH Frontiers Workshop 2019 in Los Angeles – Content Generation for Workforce Training
7/20/2019 Texas A&M University Professor Joseph Kwon makes a presentation titled “Application of Virtual Reality (VR) based learning platform to Hydraulic Fracturing” at the 2019 Future of Cyber Assisted Engineering Education conference in Denver, CO.
5/2019 SimInsights participates in Industry Day at PEO STRI in Orlando, Florida
4/19/2019 SimInsights invited to speak at UCI School of Education by Prof. Mark Warschauer
4/2019 SimInsights participates in CCC workshop at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA
2/10/2019 SimInsights participates in XR Zone at SolidWorks World in Dallas, TX
10/18/2018 SimInsights founder Rajesh Jha invited to visit Michigan Tech to give a seminar on Virtual and Augmented Reality based personalized learning
10/1/2018 SimInsights participates in CRESST conference at UCLA
9/12/2018 SimInsights set up an AR demo for 20,000 students attending Student Summit at IMTS 2018