• VR and AR Enabled Personalized Training

    VLab is a software product for efficient creation of innovative content for use on a range of VR and AR devices. Specifically, VLab supports creation of equipment focused content and analytics. We are applying VLab to create innovative content for use in materials testing courses at one of the largest US university, in collaboration with an industry leading equipment manufacturer.

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  • HyperMock

    HyperMock Add-In for SOLIDWORKS enables users to unlock value of their CAD assets by converting them into interactive virtual objects securely stored in the cloud. These virtual objects can enrich training, help close sales, energize marketing and accelerate service ticket resolution.

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  • HyperSkill

    HyperSkill is an AR application that amplifies the cognitive and perceptual capabilities of workers in all industries including manufacturing, healthcare and education. HyperSkill accelerates training, improves assembly operations, increases quality and compliance and streamlines field service.

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