HyperMock for SOLIDWORKS

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  • HyperMock Add-In for SOLIDWORKS enables users to unlock value of their CAD assets by converting them into interactive virtual objects securely stored in the cloud. These virtual objects can enrich training, help close sales, energize marketing and accelerate service ticket resolution. Supported across VR and AR devices, HyperMock enables everyone in your organization to enjoy up to the minute CAD information and knowledge to train employees, educate users, market to prospects, service customer issues and close sales deals. Whether you are designing a healthcare facility or a mechanical product, you can turn CAD designs into game objects and positively impact business.

  • Features

    • Bring in a number of virtual objects stored in the repository
    • Bring in Human Avatars
    • Create engaging dialogues between avatars and users
    • Create, save, and load simulations
    • Choose from a number of spaces
    • Share with anyone/anywhere
    • Record-replay player experiences
    • Dashboard to visualize data and analytics
    • Editor to author player tasks (coming soon)
    • Benefits

      • Create engaging VR/AR and video content for any purpose
      • Save time and cost of travel
      • View virtual objects and simulations from anywhere
      • Capture experience data for insights