VR and AR Enabled Personalized Training

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  • VLab is a software product for efficient creation of innovative content for use on a range of VR and AR devices. Specifically, VLab supports creation of equipment focused content and analytics. We are applying VLab to create innovative content for use in materials testing courses at one of the largest US university, in collaboration with an industry leading equipment manufacturer. By judiciously combining virtual objects with hands on activities, we aim to dissolve the boundary between classroom education and hands-on training, providing an effective and seamless educational experience for materials testing and manufacturing training.

  • Features

    • Support for HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens and mobile VR/AR platforms.
    • Rich data visualizations for decision support.
    • Integration of nonlinear finite element simulation with the 3D game like experience.

    • Benefits

      • Immersive and engaging learning experience.
      • Combine procedural and conceptual learning and assessment.
      • Content portable across VR and AR platforms.
      • Ease of content creation, modification and sharing.
      • Voice based interaction for ease of use and engagement.
      • Dashboard for data driven decisions.