We are developing a complete VR and AR based system for wind farm design, planning, workforce development and maintenance. The first phase of this project focused on engineering design and simulation of the blades using composite materials. In the next phase, our focus is on maintenance and workforce development (training). VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift etc.) and AR (Microsoft Hololens) offer tremendous opportunities for developing engaging training programs that also yield significantly better learning outcomes compared to traditional training. We are currently developing tools and content for these markets. Contact us to learn more about how these technologies can be used to enhance training and in-field service programs at your organization.


  • VR offers super deep immersion into content and experiences.
  • Deep immersion makes content more engaging and memorable and can affect user learning and behavior.
  • VR based research has shown transfer from simulation to real world contexts.
  • VR’s ability to alter behavior has applications across every industry.


  • Deep immersion into 3D content.
  • Variety of devices ranging from low to high price.
  • Oculus and HTC offer super immersive experience at affordable prices.
  • Some VR devices also offer gaze tracking.
  • Compatible with broad range of 3D content.