Advances in 3D printing promise unprecedented personalization in manufacturing and design. To capitalize on this opportunity, entrepreneurs will need a robust and reliable software platform that enables them to obtain customer’s body scans or other data into optimized product designs swiftly and effectively. Tools from graphics, computer aided engineering (CAE), computer aided design (CAD), machine learning and e-commerce need to be combined to launch websites that successfully sell such personalized 3D printed products ranging from shoes and earbuds to bicycles and machine parts. SimInsights has expertise in developing such software systems. Contact us to learn about how we rapidly build cost-effective and high performance web and mobile applications in this sector.


  • Allows ideas to develop faster than ever.
  • Allows the creation of parts at rates much lower than traditional machining.
  • Getting to hold the tangible product-to-be, in hand, clears all lines of communication.
  • One can personalize, customize and tweak a part to uniquely fit their needs.


  • Wide variety of material types for varying requirements.
  • Wide variety of devices ranging from low to high price.
  • Many biocompatible materials becoming available.