Actionable intelligence to support better and faster decisions

Intelligence is the next frontier for value creation. We help customers leverage the latest advances in software and intelligence to unlock new value. Our offerings include building data warehouses, applying data mining and machine learning techniques to build models for prediction and recommendation and deploying actionable systems in production. We have successfully helped our customers leverage intelligence in the areas of healthcare, performance tracking, assessment, personalized learning, manufacturing, finance, marketing and sales. Please see some of our sample projects below.

  • Machine learning based behavior analytics

    VR literature suggests a causal chain from immersion via presence to performance (Cummings, et al, 2012) which offers unprecedented power for assessing human responses to diverse stimuli. One example is human factors evaluation of a new facility. However, the rich datasets pose a formidable challenge to analysts. Manual coding of behaviors can be challenging and time consuming. SimInsights is addressing this problem by using machine learning techniques to automatically recognize and classify complex behaviors and thereby evaluate new facility designs in a fraction of the time.
  • Data warehouse and Business Intelligence (DW/BI) Systems

    Data warehousing and Business Intelligence fields are undergoing disruption as Amazon and other cloud vendors release innovative tools at prices that are lower than traditional vendors by orders of magnitude. SimInsights is building highly customized Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence solutions with rapid turnaround times and competitive rates. We leverage already developed custom proprietary pre-built extraction interfaces with many popular vendors for telephony, CRM, loan origination, leads and other software services.
  • Learning analytics

    With students learning anytime, anywhere, how can instructors keep up with what their students already know and what they need to know? We have developed analytics driven dashboards that provide formative feedback to instructors so they can provide help when its most needed and keep students motivated and progressing toward their goals.
  • Collaborative selling

    Today, Google Docs and other apps are mainstream. But back in 2012, very few apps featured real time collaboration. At that time, we developed a relationship-mapping app that enabled Fortune 500 company key account executives to work together to achieve sales success by mapping relationships and sharing other information.
  • Dashboards

    SimInsights portal not only offers a variety of apps, but every one of the apps (experiments, playlists, slides, games, simulations and quizzes) is instrumented with data logging. The data is processed using our proprietary data processing modules and is visualized using customized dashboards optimized for the analytics needs of users of each app. The dashboards allow performance visualization in real time so that instructors can assess how each learner is performing and then make personalized decisions about their next steps.
Our unique approach to intelligence development