When students engage with simulations and games, rich data sets are generated from those interactions. If analyzed and presented in actionable displays, the data can yield insights and drive decisions and actions that accelerate students’ learning and progress. This is exactly what SimInsights achieved by developing a learning analytics portal for a medical simulation based training company. Teachers can log in and visualize students’ learning and progress and thus make better instructional decisions. The portal is designed for use on multiple devices of varying screen sizes so teachers can stay informed wherever they are. We continue to maintain and mature this product in partnership with our customer.


  • Real time actionable insights for decision making.
  • Responsive interface across different screen sizes.
  • Full administrative support such as account creation and data management.
  • Role based user experience.


  • Service oriented architecture.
  • Custom visualizations that fit the unique needs for each user role Image capture from simulations.
  • Data management.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) based cloud backend.
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