Interactive, Intelligent MetaverSitY Digital Twin for Every Organization

HyperSkill Academy Suite

Leverage AI and XR technologies to create a digital twin for your organization. With our platform and expert staff, you can quickly create 3D environments that enable spatial interactions between people and AI agents, transforming the online experience.

Over the years, HyperSkill platform and our team have supported the adoption of virtual labs and task trainers. We have seen a shift and customers are now ready to move beyond single tasks and labs toward building entire campuses to take a transformative leap in online education. To support this next phase of digital transformation, we are announcing the HyperSkill Academy Suite.

HyperSkill Academy Suite combines our platform with services to offer a comprehensive metaversity digital twin capability. HyperSkill Academy includes two offerings: 1) HyperSkill Enterprise License, and 2) services for creation of full campus metaversities or portions thereof and any related artifacts. All art is hyper realistic 3D, optimized for VR, web and other platforms, fully interactive, multiplayer enabled and AI-powered.
HyperSkill Enterprise License prices are listed on the pricing page and the services are detailed below.

Metaversity Campus Digital Twin

Full digital twin metaversity campus package includes 6 or more buildings, grounds with walking paths, statues and architectural elements, 4 interior spaces AND 8 customized rooms, plus customers can also select from over a thousand assets including rooms, 3D objects, virtual humans of various demographics, uniforms etc. and many more assets.

Regular Price: $18,000.00

Mega Structures

This package is suitable for construction of any large structure of buildings such as stadium, outdoor field, space station, space related artifacts such as moon, mars etc. or large temples.

Regular Price: $4,000

Building Exteriors

This package is suitable for construction of any large structures of buildings where the detailed exteriors are important.

Regular Price: $2,000

Building Interiors

This package is suitable for construction of any large structures of buildings where the detailed interiors are important.

Regular Price: $2,000

Cadaver Lab

This package includes a highly detailed human anatomy cadaver lab with activities. 

Regular Price: $0 (Included in our asset repository)

Additional Labs

This package includes a collection of over 100 virtual labs for dozens of courses and career pathways.

Regular Price: $0 for any lab included within Skillful. Additional labs can be created at no cost.


This package includes applying client’s unique branding, logos, colors etc to buildings or assets that already exist within the HyperSkill repository. 

Regular Price: $0

Campus Grounds

Regular Price: $4,000.00

How is HyperSkill Academy Suite different from other products?


HyperSkill Academy is built on top of industry leading HyperSkill Enterprise platform which includes dozens of innovative capabilities including Generative AI, multiplayer, voice chat, realistic interaction, no-code creation, analytics, cross platform support and much more.


Our team delivers your metaversity faster than any other vendor.


We take pride in customizing the metaversity and all other content to suit the unique needs of our customers.

Intellectual Property (IP)

HyperSkill Academy enables clients to own the IP in the metaversity. Clients can download the metaversity assets and use them with other vendors if they wish.


HyperSkill Academy is priced at one fourth compared to other vendors. This low price is made possible by two factors: 1) the innovative HyperSkill Enterprise platform, developed with years of R&D, and 2) our focus on equity and access which demand that we keep prices low. The table below shows a comparison of our prices with other vendors.We are releasing a google sheet so you can play with the number of user licenses and calculate your own savings. You are also welcome to add other vendor’s pricing information to expand the comparison and make it more useful.

Pricing details
ItemOther VendorSimInsightsAnnual Saving $Annual Saving %
No-code authoringNoYes  
Realistic interactionsNoYes  
Apple Vision ProNoYes  
Ability to customize sims without codeNoYes  
Customer owns contentNoYes  
Annual content license per user$150$30$12080%
Full metaversity campus digital twin$50,000$18,000$32,00064%
Mega Structures$25,000$4,000$21,00084%
Campus exterior grounds$10,000$4,000$6,00060%
Building Exteriors$5,000$2,000$3,00060%
Building Room Interiors$6,000$2,000$4,00067%
Branding only, no new construction$5,000$0$5,000100%
Cadaver lab$15,000$0$15,000100%
Additional Lab$14,000$0$14,000100%
Professional Development for VR Educator Micro Certification$199$0$199100%
Number of user licenses11

Annual license fee$150$35$11577%


Frequently Asked Questions

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