VR for Human Factor Evaluation

Saving Time And Cost In Healthcare And Manufacturing


There is growing awareness that clinician input at blue-print stage of medical facility design is valuable from human factors standpoint. Traditionally, gathering such input required investment in building physical facility mockups and extensive time from human factors experts to code the participants’ behaviors. SimInsights platform accelerates the development of VR based human factor evaluation systems that enable rapid facility design evaluation using digital facility mockups and machine learning based behavioural analytics. Benefits are substantial savings in time and cost. Contact us to learn more about how these technologies can be used for similar use cases in your organization. Read the full report here describes the detailed study and return on investment (ROI) realized in 2017. Thanks to software enhancements, the ROI for a similar study conducted today would be over 7000%, as shown in the table below. To learn more about how your organization can obtain similar results, please contact us.


  • Time and cost saving from rapid creation of digital mockups of facilities instead of physical mockups.
  • Time and cost saving from reduction or elimination of travel of all study participants.
  • Time and cost saving from automation of behavioural analytics.
  • Convenience arising from recording and replay of all in-simulation video, performance data, etc. for record keeping.
Human Factor Evaluation


  • High fidelity virtual environments that feel real.
  • Deep immersion into 3D content.
  • Supporting a variety of VR devices from low to high price.
  • Support for multimodal data (video, sensors, gaze, etc.).
  • Machine learning based automated behavioural analytics.
  • Support for broad range of legacy 3D content to accelerate development.

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