Career Pathways: Robotics
Engaging simulation for Better Retention


There is a growing need to better educate students on what career choices are available to them in a more engaging way. For robotics and automation careers, Clemson and SimInsights developed a simulation where students are able to experience a factory populated with various specialists in different potential fields, see them with the equipment and robots they may work with, and ask them questions about the career paths. This simulation was made for a desktop and VR experience. Students are also presented with a series of next steps that they could take to further pursue a career in the desired field.


  • High fidelity virtual environments
  • Deep immersion into 3D content
  • Nonlinear branching to provide information about career paths
  • Interaction with avatars for questions


  • Engaging way to gain career exposure and information
  • More effective retention and increased interest in different career paths

Dissemination channels: CUCWD’s portal, ARM Institute
Potential number of learners impacted: Anticipated 500-1000+ upper high school and community college students within the first 3 years.

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