Purdue University Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Creating the metaverse for lean manufacturing skills

Purdue MEP specializes in assisting manufacturers in cost reduction, profit enhancement, and workforce training through expert consulting and industry-specific training. In collaboration with their HyperSkill, the company conducted a Phase 1 Lean training exercise simulation. Multiple students participated in an assembly line task to produce breadboards without Lean principles, resulting in inefficiencies. In Phase 2, Lean principles were partially applied, optimizing task layout for efficiency and logical sequence, showcasing the company’s commitment to lean manufacturing skills development in a virtual environment.

Lean Training Phase 1

The objective of this simulation is to conduct a Phase 1 example of a Lean training exercise. Multiple students will gather in the environment and be assigned tasks to be performed to mimic an assembly line process that is not following Lean principles. The final output of the assembly line is a breadboard. As this is phase 1 of the training where no principles are applied the layout of the tasks are not in a logical sequence and production is inefficient being produced in batches without the ability to quality check the work further down the line.

Lean Training Phase 2

As this is Phase 2 of the training where some principles are applied, such as, the layout of the tables and the tasks are now in a logical sequence the rest. Notice the organization of the table.

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